How do I obtain support ?

We provide remote connectivity support and phone support for desktop and network related issues. We will shortly introduce ticket support but at this stage you can contact A Alexander by phone: +61 (02) 80042220 or by email:

What out-of-hours support do you offer ?

Yes, we are available 24/7 and provide monitoring and support service. Off-hour support charges are slightly higher than normal hour support.

Do you provide any other services ?

We focus on remote support service for desktop and server but also provide onsite service, referral service and web application design services.

How would the privacy be taken care, will any files be transferred ?

We have taken many steps to see that the privacy is not comprised for which we use connection supporting 256bit encryption; our software is restricted to file transfer from client computer.

What are my benefits of using your services ?

Decrease call times, increase first call resolution, minimize costly on-site service visits—and reduce support costs overall. Improve customer satisfaction scores and Service Level Agreement objectives without additional staffing.

Lower TCO with no significant up-front costs, no servers to maintain, and no software to install.

Can I go for a free trial or Money Back Guarantee ?

There is no free trial available for this service however, we provide Money Back Guarantee were in case you are not satisfied you can re-credit or refund your payment.

Do you have onsite support service or fall-back system ?

Our main focus is on remote support but we have been doing traditional onsite support in and around Sydney for 8 years and will have staff to cater for such requirement in Sydney Area. We also have a comprehensive list of all the support IT Shop and can help you in getting in touch with one of them for any hardware related problems.

How do I start with using remote support?

It is no different than placing a call using an on-site service, however in this case we will have access to your system through a network and can react to a problem lot sooner rather than waiting for the IT person to come. We also have specialist in this field in case of problem escalation.

Were all are the services available ?

We presently provide our remote support service in Australia and On-site support in Sydney .

How secure am I using remote support ?

This service is secured & encrypted and hard to break in as other security services, also our trained staff who login, will not only be able to help you but follow our strict support guidelines.

What are the standards followed by your company ?

The company follows the CMMI3 Standards and do create/review systems for safety and security of the client data as a priority.

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