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Shop-1, 89-97 New
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Petersham, NSW 2049
Phone : (02) 9560 8207

Petersham Family Medical Centre is a multi-disciplined medical and allied health Centre located at Petersham in the inner west of Sydney, NSW. The Centre is fully computerized and equipped with the latest equipment and technology. Our doctors/GPs and allied health practitioners are fully trained, qualified and accredited. Our Mission for Health aims to deliver outstanding clinical care by providing an extensive range of  services through suitably qualified and dedicated Practitioners and Staff using the most up-to-date and proven methods, materials and equipment.

At Petersham Family Medical Centre, we try to do everything in our power to improve your life. We make every effort to provide our services in a friendly environment with genuine care, dignity, respect and professionalism where everyone of all ages can come and discuss their health needs and be given the necessary support and time to do so.

We aim to provide patients with primary, comprehensive, continuous and confidential medical care in all aspects of family medicine and endeavor to attend to all emergency cases as quickly as possible.We are a modern practice which ensures that all our policies and procedures comply with the relevant industry and government standards.

We believe in good health for everyone. Bulk billing is important - it means you don't have to worry about money if you have a valid Medicare card when seeing a doctor at our practice. For some families it means you actually can see a doctor.At Petersham Family Medical Centre, we take pride in providing our full range of medical and allied health services to patients of all backgrounds including those from non-English speaking backgrounds.

Our doctors bulk bill all patients with a valid Medicare card for all consultations, regardless of whether the consultation is during normal business hours or after hours, and whether the consultation is made by appointment or not. All international students, travelers and temporary residents are billed at comparatively lower rates.Please call reception on (02) 9560 8207 for more details.


Open 7 Days:Weeknights to 9pm
Illness doesn't always strike during business hours – and there are also occasions when you just can't find the time to see a doctor for a non-urgent matter during normal working hours. That's why, in our ongoing effort to provide the best possible service to patients, we've extended our opening hours.

Petersham Family Medical Centre is now the only medical practice at Petersham that is open 7days a week excluding public holidays. Now we are open in the evenings as well (Weeknights to 9pm). We aim to offer 24-hours care for our patients. Please call reception during our surgery hours to find out how we can offer you 24 hours care throughout the whole year.

Widest Range of Health Practitioners@
Currently, we have four General Practitioners including male and female doctors. Also, under the same roof, we have the widest range of allied health practitioners in the area including Podiatrists, Diabetes Educators, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Dietitians, Consultant Pharmacists and Clinical Psychologists.All of our doctors/GPs and allied health practitioners are fully trained, qualified and accredited.Our practitioners educate future Practitioners through good clinical practice (GCP) and contribute to future medical developments by participating in relevant clinical research.