Remote Support
We specialize in providing remote help desk & server support and the benefit of such thing from  the traditional on-site support is many fold.

  • Have you ever wondered just how much time and money your business spends on getting your computer fixed and small productivity issues fixed.

  • Having in-house expertise will add to In-house support staff wages extra office space extra computers and furniture.

  • Sick leave and holiday pay recruitment costs training expenses staff insurance and retirement fund contributions you can eliminate these costs by outsourcing your support to us.

  • Improve your key services - What's more, time spent on system support is time spent away from the tasks that really matter - improving and promoting your services in order to build your customer base.

  • By outsourcing your system support to a specialist company you can not only spend your time more wisely, but also improve the speed of your customer support service.

  • Expand Your Talent Pool - Outsourcing to Support Resort will give you access to our extensive talent pool, who are very specialized in this area and can take of very complex problems and specialized problem.

  • Our large pool of technical expertise and in-built escalation infrastructure also ensures you are covered no matter how fast or in which direction you expand.

  • Improve Your Response Times - The low cost of outsourcing to Giwia means that you can staff your help desk 24/7 every day of the year. What's more, we are on-hand throughout your support period to answer your clients' questions very quickly. We respond within 30 minutes and provide a full resolution within 8 hours in most cases.

  • Stay Competitive - Outsourcing is fast becoming the way to do business in the new millennium. Around the globe large companies and small businesses alike are looking for outsourced customer support solutions in order to free up valuable resources and improve their bottom line. To be able to do this and have peace of mind however you need a partner that you can trust.

  • How to get started - Shortly after placing your order, you will receive a welcome message from us containing instructions on how to provide information about your service to our team. Our staff will then familiarize themselves with your services and systems. In most cases it takes approximately two days from the time you place your order until we are ready to commence support.

  • Please note that while lead time will form part of your paid support period, we do not charge any setup fees for our outsourced help desk plans!

  • Our Money Back Guarantee - If you are dissatisfied with the services we are providing, simply cancel your support plan within 14 days of purchase and we will refund IN FULL any unused portion of your service.

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